$301,000 IN  DONATIONS AS OF MAY 31, 2017

With an eye on our school’s priorities, we set an ambitious fundraising goal. It is with our deepest appreciation and gratitude that we recognize the families and friends who made a gift to Chiaravalle this past year. Your generosity allows us to provide students a modern Montessori experience where they live as global citizens and lifelong learners, while honoring the authenticity of the traditional Montessori learning environment. We’re also very thankful to those who give their time and talent by volunteering.


We are thankful to those who have consistently supported Chiaravalle year after year.

*5+ Years Consecutive Giving
**10+ Years Consecutive Giving

Pacesetter — $10,000 & above
Ted Anderson and Megan Holmes-Anderson*
Joe Brennan and Leslie Shad**
Marc and Skyler Ewing
Jill and David Greer**
Scott and Jenn Gwilliam**
Victoria and Philip Kluss
John Mancini and Lucinda Fox**
Shondi and Jacob Nickell*

Leader — $5,000 to $9,999
Paul and Viv Barnett*
Dennis and Gretchen Eck
Richard and Susan Gallun**
Derek and Becca Groothuis*
Matthew Johnson and Amanda Williamson*
Adrian and Lily Mitchell
Mike Muriel and Donna Richards Muriel*
Charles Mangum and Rachel Story**
Edwin Wu and Schnabel Samson*

Sustainer — $2,500 to $4,999
Tilden Katz and Katharine Baker**
Jeff and Kim Bell*
Patrick and Carrie Charles*
Tzaras and Sarah Christon
Todd Furney and Mariana Romano**
Dan Hinkle and Lauren Myers-Hinkle**
Cindy Hogan**
Shane and Michelle Larson*
Chris and Cory Pickett
Michael and Angela Quattrocki*
Adam and Sue Sabow*
Tom Springer and Robyn McCloud-Springer**
Art Thompson and Sarah Eck-Thompson**
Paul and Melanie Wright*

Benefactor — $1,000 to $2,999
John Avril
Scott Barton and Mary Kay Halston**
Mersija Besic
Tony Breitbach and Katie Michalski
Bruce Caughran and Octavia Kincaid
Steve and Rachel Copenhaver
Francisco de Azeredo and Laura Granros*
Matthew and Margret Duvall**
Bryn Wagner Hanson and David Hanson
Al Hennagir and Jen Frost Hennagir*
Craig Howard and Frieda Molina
Scott and Genie Kastrup
Joe Krouse and Megan Dunne Krouse
Evviva and Peter Lajoie
Jennifer Martin
John Greene and Sara O’Mara
Jim and Sheila O’Neill*
Tim Puntillo
Allen Rein and Ann Hudson**
Regina Sant’Anna and Doug Skites*
Chris Schmidt and Erin Rowell Schmidt*
Alex and Nicole Schneider*
Jes and Leesa Sherborne**
Garry and Suzanne Shumaker*
Tom Shumaker and Maja Fabula
Frank and Amy Tu**
Randy and Emily Wexler
Zachary Zises and Vanessa Filley* 

Patron — $500 to $999
Amjad and Elizabeth Al-Dajani*
Josh and Erin Barney
Christopher and Sarah Coward
Vic Filippini and Marlo Del Percio
Peter and Gabi Edgerton*
John and Nancy Furr in honor of Nate and Phoebe Boone
Donald and Andi Goldstein
Robert and Marides Haidari
Matt Hallinan and Dana Hancock
Rob Hansen and Kristi Piccolo**
Tonya Jennings
Jason Kaye
Esther Buonanno
Matthew Kerr and Meadow Brennan
Bonnie and Eddie Maslana** in honor of the Administration Team and in memory of Fred Ziebe
Stephen and Jennifer McComb
Karen Meyer
Bryan Mills and Alexis Kuncel*
Amy Kontrick and Mark Mycyk
Jason Niederkorn and Dianne Munevar
Priyan Patkar and Aparna Bhaskaran
Steve Reed and Jessica Campbell*
Tedi Smola and Liam Regan
Neal Sales-Griffin
Beth Caldwell and Mario Santiago**
Jeff and Beth Scales*
Christian Schaller and Thanh Lu
John Sherborne
Jessica Fayerman and Matthew Sloan
Robert and Erika Toon
Juan and Lauren Torres
Joshua Kellar and Emily Withrow
Michael and Gretchen Wooldridge**
Scott and Sarah Zematis**

Sponsor - up to $499
Rose Adamczyk*
John Agnew and Dorothy Schmid**
Maria and Matthew Alberico
Mahesh Alur and Lorie Dillon
Rosana and Roberto Amato*
Jani Anderson and Trista Hannan
Peter and Jessica Andreadis
Laura Schellhardt and Doyle Armbrust
Ellen Badofsky
Val Barton
Oren and Loren Becher
Angelo and Bessy Bert
Tim Blue and Leah Schenkier
Michael and Amy Boone
Meena Brinegar
Jeffrey Brown and Joan Jensen 
Lindy Stanley and Rex Burgdorfer
Chiaravalle Montessori in honor of Fred Ziebe
Brian and Lan Chaplin
Daniel and Catherine Cho
Hoyoung Choi and Kyoungeun Lee
Cesare Christian
Neil and Patricia Clark
Bonnie Cortez in honor of Chiaravalle Staff
Karolina Cuevas-Hernandez
Victoria Curnutte
Nadrienna Damaris
Remy Dercksen and Suzy Avril
Raj Desai and Ambika Razdan
Kashif and Kiran Devani
Gene and Joan Dieden
Megan Dobbs
Alex and Siobhan Donati**
Sean Duffy and Lidia Wachowska
Daniel and Vivian Edelson
Clare Heath and Joel Emerick**
Frankie Frank**
KC and Rozie Esmail
Chuck Fawcett
Yvonne and James Fogerty
Cecylia Fortunska
Teresa and Andre Fortunski**
Amanda Foster
Ibukun and James Fowe
Joseph Franchere and Alison Eisendrath**
Valerie Fronstin
Mark and Ashley Furrow
Ivan Galdamez
Ala Gniot
Alexi and Tom Gniot
Dean and Patti Granros
Zahlman and Susan Greenwood**
Dennis and Judy Groothuis
Lauren Gutierrez
Jeffrey Hansen and Julie Matija
Bill and Grace Harley
Jeanne Hay*
Johna Hedden
Bonita Hennagir LaBee
Libby Hoff
Brian and Janet Hoffman
James and Meagan Holliday-Smith
Erin Iverson
Drew James and Lindsay Wishart 
Paul and Karrie Jeffris*
Christopher Jobson and Megan Stielstra
Hannah Johnson
N. Joel and Margaret Johnson
Andrew Jones and Lauren Hood
Marc and Tiffany Jorgensen
Barbara Joseph
Nabil Kahouadji and Sara Carey
Shawn R. Knarr and Annalese Duprey
Peter and Margaret Kuzma
Janice LacKey**
Sarah and Ian Laing
Karen Laner** in Memory of Karen Thompson
Deborah Lazar
Jenna Lee
Josh Leonard and Jennifer Novak
Mary Levato**
Intranig and Brook Lieon
Joshua and Keri Lintz
Guy Love and Zachary Zahara
Lena Lucaci
Doug Lytle and Julia Ferguson
Manvi and Ajay Maker
Alan and Marilyn Marshall
Brian and Sarah Marshall*
Clark and Jenny Matthews
James Mavros and Maura Shea**
Kitty McAndrews
Geoff and Tess McGrath
Pablo Melchi Cano
Ben Meyer-Abbott
Eileen Moise
James Mommsen
Jose Muenala and Suzanne Reed
Mark and Nancy Myers**
David and Jennifer Nelson**
Evan and Elizabeth Newton
Ngoc and Kevin Nguyen
Kathy and Robert Noone*
Kirstin Nordhaus
Keith and Tiia Norsym
Karen Novak
Jeff and Cindy O’Koon
Stanley Parzen and Lynne Raimondo
Fabio and Caroline Peyer
Greg Philipaitis
Casey Plain and Christina Maimone
Kate Kelly and Jason Powell
Erin Preston and Robert Radford
Dan Rafferty and Justine O’Donnell
William and Lynn Raspe**
Donald and Nita Reed
Tara Richardson
Rick Rivera 
Deirdre Jordan and Robert Robinson
Jacob and Sarah Roth
Renee Ruffing and Jennifer Ruehl
Lynda Runnfeldt
Sid and Elizabeth Schenkier
Bill Schick and Julie Bond
Ben Smith and Bethany Schwartz
Jenn and Fani Sianis
DJ and Becky Silton
Jona Silva and Erin Silva Winston
Maria Smith
Lawrence Smith and Rachel Duda Smith*
Theresa Sparlin*
Jennifer and Jonathan Stern*
Ryan and Nicole Stippler
The Stolar Cathcart Familly**
Joshua Stroud, Victoria Livingston, and Jacqueline Reuwer
Mark Styslinger and Cynthia Rawson
Robyn and Dan Sullivan
Nancy Syburg**
Andrew and Angie Taggart
Diana and Kingsley Tang
Ameerah Tatum
Jim and Mariah Taylor
Evan and Jen Terry
Phillip Tracy and Lisa Amoroso
Julie Treumann
Lara Veon
Aren and Katie Voorhees
Scott Waddle and Kaitlin Fahey
Andre Walker and Francesca Tappi
William and Patricia Walsh
William Walsh
Robert Weber
Raymond and Mary Anne Wexler in honor of Jonah, Jeremy and Talia
Aaron and Whaewon Wiles
Jeremy Wilson and Shira Kapplin
Jane Winston
Diane Wolff-Klammer*
Ed and Jill Wu
Chae Yi and Amalia Malos* 

Companies & Employers
@ Properties
Bulley & Andrews
Cocalas, Westberg, Mommsen, & Co., Ltd.
Delta Airlines
Expedia Inc.
Fidelity Charitable
Four Finches Flowers & Gifts
Guaranteed Rate
Katten Muchin Roseman, LLP
MacArthur Foundation
MB Financial
Mills Custom A/V
Network for Good
Steve & Kate’s Camp
Shumaker Design + Build Associates

Diversity Endowment
Zahlman and Susan Greenwood**
Karen Laner**
George and Marti Lannert**
Eddie and Bonnie Maslana**

The Joel S. and Evelyn M. Siegel Endowment
Evelyn M. Siegel

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