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From 16 Months to 8th Grade


Celebration - transformed gym

CELEBRATION is the biggest Chiaravalle adult event of the year. This casual gathering is filled with games, music, light appetizers, desserts, cocktails and fun! This “friend-raiser“ is a chance for parents, faculty, and friends to socialize and celebrate our amazing community!

A dozen photos in a grid from Celebration 2023

The highlight of the Celebration 2023 was the transformed gym! A huge thank you to Jordan and Jenna N, whose tireless efforts brought Club Chiaravalle to life. From the lighting to the decor, every detail was executed to perfection, creating a spectacular atmosphere that set just the right mood for the party! Check out the photo gallery.

To everyone who attended, thank you for joining the festivities and making Celebration 2023 an unforgettable experience. We hope you had a fantastic time!