Let’s close the school year with 5 days of celebration!

Young Chiaravalle Artists

Fri, May 29 | 11 am

Calling all artists! Chiaravalle students have been amazing art makers this spring and we want to show it off to everyone. Art Specialist Nicole Billips will lead this celebration of creativity.

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Mystery on Mars:
A 4th Year Radio Play

Mon, Jun 1 | 11 am

What to do when students can't gather on stage? Drama Specialist Dana Anderson found a way to make it happen. Transform it into a radio play! Mystery on Mars is one part sci-fi, one part whodunit, and one part adventurous romp through space!

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Chiaravalle Talent Show

Tue, Jun 2 | 11 am

Chiaravalle students love a Talent Show! Elementary and Middle School students are invited to sign up to share.  And everyone can enjoy this virtual community meeting hosted by Upper El teacher Kirstin Nordhaus. If you loved Kirstin's jokes at this year's Battle of the Books, you'll get a chance for more!

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Flower Ceremony

Wed, Jun 3 | 11 am

At the end-of-year Flower Ceremony each Kinder through 7th grade student presents a flower to our graduates. We acknowledge our Kinders, 3rd years, and 6th years, each of whom are transitioning to a new level. And, we close the circle sending our 8th graders off to grow in new learning environments, while bringing a piece of Chiaravalle with them.

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Ice Cream Social

Thu, Jun 4 | 11 am

Nothing is sweeter than sharing a treat together. Join us for this annual end-of-year summer send-off.

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