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From 16 Months to 8th Grade

MS students perform Bugsy Malone


UE in Spanish


Spanish instruction begins in Kindergarten. Our program offers a comprehensive learning experience focused on vocabulary, grammar, and culture. We employ a student-centered proficiency model, utilizing visual, oral, and kinesthetic approaches. Our curriculum, aligned with Montessori grammar instruction, develops students’ communication skills across various contexts. 

Our dedicated Spanish classroom in the North Wing immerses students in language acquisition, featuring cultural artifacts, labeled items, and resources. Our program incorporates small-group or leveled group models from Lower Elementary through Middle School. Independent learning opportunities include Montessori-style Spanish works as extensions to learning in students’ homerooms. Enriching extracurricular activities like virtual trips, Hispanic dance lessons, and Spanish language games extend student learning. 

Chiaravalle Montessori provides an engaging Spanish program fostering language acquisition and cultural understanding, empowering students to explore the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures.

LE art inspirted by Van Gogh

Visual Arts

Visual art instruction begins in Kindergarten. In the Da Vinci Studio, students actively explore the elements and principles of art and design. Through our choice-based art education model, bi-weekly art classes inspire creativity and self-expression. In addition to foundational skills, projects frequently connect to classroom curriculum, encompassing the Montessori Great Lessons, cultural studies, literacy, and geometry.

Upper Elementary and Middle School students check out of their homerooms to attend Open Art Studio. During these sessions, they can channel their artistic skills into projects that extend their curricular studies. By Middle School, students dive deeper into artist studies, art movements, digital and media arts, and design education.

At Chiaravalle Montessori, we foster a vibrant art program that integrates with our students’ overall education, encouraging them to explore their artistic passions and develop a strong foundation in the visual arts.

Drama lesson


Drama instruction at Chiaravalle Montessori starts in Kindergarten. Group work is emphasized in drama classes, fostering self-confidence, focus, and social skills. Students cultivate self-awareness, express emotions, build imagination and creativity, and develop a theater vocabulary essential for onstage performances.

Kindergartners engage in imaginative play, progressing to group storytelling. Lower Elementary memorizes poems and Reader’s Theater, promoting collaboration, confidence, and creative choices. Upper Elementary collaboratively produces and performs plays while learning technical theater aspects. Middle School students select drama electives, including performance opportunities and specialties like stage makeup. Effective communication and critical listening skills are emphasized.

Chiaravalle Montessori nurtures students’ theatrical talents, fostering collaboration, self-expression, and appreciation for the performing arts.

Glee Club performance


At Chiaravalle Montessori, music is a powerful means of self-expression and understanding. We foster an appreciation for diverse musical styles, allowing students to explore the world of music. Classroom singing and seasonal sing-along events contribute to this musical exposure.

Upper Elementary and Middle School students participate in Chorus, delving into music theory, harmony, and the collaborative process of selecting and practicing songs for performances. In addition to vocal music, students can showcase their knowledge through songwriting, connecting classroom learning and musical expression. For those seeking further musical exploration, we offer an after-school Glee Club where students can further develop their skills and passion. 

At Chiaravalle, students discover the transformative power of music as a means of self-expression, connection, and personal growth.

Chiaravalle Library


The Chiaravalle Montessori Library is a vibrant hub that nurtures a love for reading. With a diverse collection of over 14,000 materials, it supports the Montessori curriculum and fosters inclusivity. Our librarian selects materials to support the Montessori curriculum while curating materials representing diverse voices and experiences to foster an inclusive school environment.

Beginning in Kindergarten, students choose and check out books independently, developing autonomy. As they grow, they become leaders, helping younger students find books. Exploring favorite subjects, immersing in picture books, and researching passions cultivate lifelong learners who make a positive impact.

Students of all ages engage with the library in various ways. Toddler and Early Childhood students enjoy storytime and small group visits. Elementary students visit during work time for research or reading, and the librarian delivers thematic stories and lessons across all ages. Upper Elementary and Middle School students participate in an interscholastic Battle of the Books competition, fostering excitement and teamwork. The library is where curiosity thrives, and a love for reading blossoms.

EC Parachute game

Physical Education

Physical Education instruction begins at age 3, reflecting our belief that activity is an integral part of holistic education at Chiaravalle Montessori. Purposeful movement enables children to develop body control, muscle strength, eye-hand coordination, and cooperative play skills. We prioritize integrating exercise into daily life beyond dedicated Physical Education classes.

Character development lies at the heart of our Physical Education program, emphasizing sportsmanship, cooperation, social interactions, respect, and fair play. Sports provide valuable lessons in conflict resolution, honesty, resilience, and goal achievement. Our program nurtures physical health and fosters a positive self-image. Students explore a range of sports and activities, discovering new movements and skills while acquiring sport-specific skills that enhance confidence and understanding of team sports.

Through a comprehensive and inclusive Physical Education program, we empower students to embrace a healthy lifestyle, develop essential values, and foster lifelong physical literacy. At Chiaravalle, we prioritize the well-rounded development of our students, promoting physical well-being alongside academic growth.