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From 16 Months to 8th Grade


Upper Elementary math lesson

Our Elementary program offers a transformative educational experience for children aged 6-12. Divided into Lower Elementary classrooms (1st to 3rd grades) and Upper Elementary classrooms (4th to 6th grades), our program ignites the spark of natural curiosity and supports social-emotional development.

Engaging, Multi-age Elementary Classrooms

Experienced Montessori-certified teachers guide students to discover the joy in learning and cultivate a thoughtfully-prepared environment that encourages deep understanding, critical thinking, and a sense of exploration. Students of this age are highly social and our classrooms foster opportunities for group work, learning from peers, leading classmates, and building skills for self regulation and conflict resolution. We embrace Montessori’s philosophy of peace and interconnectedness to encourage students to seek connections with others, appreciate diverse cultures, and understand the interdependence of all living things. The curriculum is comprehensive and interdisciplinary, offering an anti-bias lens and encompassing core subjects such as language arts, mathematics, science, and cultural studies. Our students enjoy additional Spanish, art, drama, music, and physical education classes taught by specialists. Field trips expand classroom experiences in real world contexts.

At Chiaravalle Montessori, we nurture students’ innate love of learning and guide them to develop confidence, compassion, and leadership skills. Our Montessori Elementary program cultivates a sense of global responsibility, empowering students to shape a better world.

Join our Elementary program and embark on a journey of endless exploration, individual growth, and academic excellence.

Elementary Options