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From 16 Months to 8th Grade

Early Childhood

Two preschool students use Montessori math materials

Our Early Childhood program, which includes the Kindergarten year, offers an ideal learning laboratory for children between the ages of 3 and 6. We are dedicated to fostering individualized experiences within a supportive community, enabling each child to develop into an independent, confident, and capable young person with well-rounded cognitive, social, and emotional skills.

Step into our inviting Montessori preschool classrooms, thoughtfully designed to ignite curiosity and encourage hands-on exploration. Most learning at this age is processed through the senses, and Chiaravalle classrooms offer shelves full of hands-on materials for sensorial engagement. Our children engage in independent and collaborative work, following their own interests while guided by our experienced teachers.

Montessori classrooms are globally recognized for their iconic materials, meticulously developed by Maria Montessori such as: the pink tower and brown stair for sensorial exploration, the golden bead math materials, and sandpaper letters and metal insets for language development. These materials teach the foundational skills needed to feel confident moving on to the next stage of development.

Each day, your child will have time to make independent discoveries, forge friendships, and learn what it means to be part of a community. Through these experiences, our young learners grasp their impact on others and develop into peer teachers, leaders, and empathetic friends. We value this transformative process as it nurtures essential qualities such as compassion, concentration, motivation, self-discipline, and a lifelong love of learning.

Culminating in the Kindergarten Year

The culmination of the first two years in an Early Childhood classroom is that Kindergartners are ready to step into a larger role. Their experience, aided by the Kindergartners who were models for them, has made them into peacemakers, time tellers, code crackers, and story writers. They become teachers, reinforcing their own knowledge and inspiring their younger peers

The Kindergarten year of the cycle in Early Childhood is a time of intense pride, a sense of completion. Kinders work in these mixed-age classrooms in the morning. They take the skills of letter sounds and shapes and build words and stories. They build and carry numbers in the thousands! In the afternoon, Kindergartners join together for Writer’s Workshop, Fundations (a structured reading, spelling, and handwriting curriculum), and other enrichment projects.

Join us at Chiaravalle Montessori, where our Early Childhood program empowers your child to become an independent thinker, compassionate learner, and confident contributor to the world around them.

Early Childhood Options