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From 16 Months to 8th Grade

Anti-Bias Curriculum

Overhead view of Chiaravalle Montessori in neighborhood

Chiaravalle follows culturally responsive practices in learning environments in order to build a positive relationship between cultural identity and academic success. Chiaravalle faculty developed a Montessori anti-bias curriculum that has been adopted by peer Montessori schools. Our approach means we are not only modeling inclusivity, teaching about race and racism, supporting kids with diverse gender identities and sexualties, we are also delivering our science and history curriculum through a wider-than-Western lens to make sure we represent many cultures and viewpoints.

September Family
Origin/family make up
October Gender
Biological sex, gender expression & identify pronouns
November/December Race & Ethnicity
Skin color and physical appearance, culture, racism
January Geographic Background
Language, nationality, country of origin
February Ability
Physical differences, mental, emotional, neurodiversity, learning style
March Religion
Spirituality, moral system
April Sexual Identity
Sexual orientation, love is love
May Power
Socioeconomic status, academic/social achievement, resources, privilege