What's Your Chiaravalle Story

Chiaravalle students develop the skills, knowledge, and perseverance to follow their passions, think critically, and contribute to a modern world.

At a recent gathering for high school-aged alumni, we asked how the habits and skills from their time at Chiaravalle had impacted their transition to high school.

Damian at Alumni Event

“I feel very confident with  knowing what I can handle and being able to advocate for myself in a way that some of my peers don’t do as much.”

— Damian Franchere

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Caitlin at Alumni Event

“Chiaravalle really let me thrive as an individual. Even as a 6th grader, I was like trying to learn things that other kids weren’t really interested in and it was just a way for me to grow.”

— Caitlin Terry, class of 2018


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Teagan at Alumni Event

“I loved Chiaravalle. It was really important for me when I was that age to really learn who I was and be confident and free and feel like I could be creative. I wouldn’t do it any other way.”

— Teagan Springer, class of 2016

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Jack Barton at Alumni Event

“Thinking about math or thinking about history, using that to develop an understanding different than the way that most of the other students definitely gives you an advantage.”

— Jack Barton, class of 2016

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