Student Support

Montessori teachers meticulously prepare their classroom environments to nurture each of their students' physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs. Their methods and materials are carefully designed to stimulate curiosity and engage children of varying backgrounds and diverse learning styles. Consequently, most students thrive in our environment.

However, sometimes a child's strongest modes for learning are more difficult to capture; identifying and igniting them may prove to be elusive to the teacher. For these children, Chiaravalle has created a learning resources team.

When a child displays a different learning style, his or her teacher may ask permission of the child's parents to collaborate with the support team staff. The team partners with the teacher and parents to identify a child's needs and enhance learning. The team often recommends in-class accommodations for the child. If a child continues to struggle despite additional support, a formal assessment may be requested to gain a thorough understanding of a child's learning profile.

The support team at Chiaravalle consists of a team of Learning Resources Specialists and a School Psychologist. Additionally, two Learning Specialists and a Speech & Language Pathologist provide in-school services such as assessments, tutoring, and therapy to families on a private, contractual basis.