Integrated Learning

Integrated Learning Spans Silos

A Chiaravalle education means allowing students the opportunity for deeper, discovery-based and highly personalized learning. Integrated studies (also called integrated arts) is one key feature of our unique approach to education. Montessori students explore topics through a contextual lens, rather than through isolated pieces of knowledge. Imagine the interest students feel when finding the area of a triangle is not simply an abstract mathematical formula to memorize, but a useful tool used by ancient Sumerian farmers to measure their plots. Simulating this problem solving with hands-on materials inspires meaningful practice. The purpose, history and science surrounding the concept give the geometry formula deeper meaning.

Chiaravalle students are prompted to think beyond the intellectual barricades of subject-specific, isolated learning. The results are increased motivation, greater understanding and the generation of innovative connections, ideas and projects. When students see people, nature, the world, and the universe as interconnected, the imagination is sparked and possibilities are boundless.



Curriculum Overview

Educators describe the Montessori curriculum as a spiral rather than a linear progression. Ideas are introduced concretely at an early age, reintroduced in subsequent years, and explored more in-depth. Subjects are taught in an interconnected way, guiding students to engage in multi-disciplinary thinking, directly using newly acquired knowledge, whether it comes from science, history, or literature. By encouraging students to pursue their interests, with support to dig into a subject deeply, learning is rich and meaningful — both wide and deep.