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Infants and their parents or caregivers gather in an environment designed to offer opportunities for exploration, movement, and social interactions. During class, a Montessori teacher models respectful engagement with the children, offers guidance to both children and parents, and answers any parent questions that arise.

In Parent/Child, the idea of separation is introduced. Many parents withdraw from the room at some point in the year. However, the intent in this class is to build community, bond with each other and gradually gain independence so that the separation process unfolds naturally.

The teacher also provides a parent education component to the program. During this time, parents can share experiences and ask questions without their child in attendance.

Parent/Child meets twice per week for 1-1/2 hours.

Who chooses Parent/Child

  • Families with Toddlers up to 24 months
  • Families who want to learn more about child development and how they may support their child’s growth
  • Families who are interested in how a developmentally appropriate environment supports a child's independence
  • Families who are looking for a relaxed environment to get a deeper understanding of a Montessori approach
  • A place to connect and learn with other families

Parents will:

  • Interact with their child in a prepared Montessori environment
  • Observe their child interacting in the environment
  • Observe the teacher interacting with their child
  • Have time to ask the teacher questions that arise from their observation
  • Opportunities for parents to socialize with each other
  • Get a deeper understanding of Montessori
  • Join the teacher for Parent Education on topics of parent interest

Students will:

  • Explore in a Montessori prepared environment
  • Explore activities that help develop fine motor, gross motor, language, and care of self and environment
  • Interact with other children and adults

Teacher will:

  • Prepare environment for parents and child
  • Provide information to parents as they are observing
  • Provide a time for parent education where parents can share experiences and have questions answered





Child's Age
Class Days
16-24 months with adult Mondays and Fridays
8:45 am-10:15 am
Session 1:
Sep 6 — Dec 20, 2019
Session 2:
Jan 6 — Apr 24, 2020