Summer Program Registration Policies

In return for Chiaravalle Montessori’s acceptance of the named student(s) into the indicated program(s), the registrant parent or guardian agrees to the following terms and conditions:

Enrollment Contract Terms

  • We hereby give permission for the student to participate in school sponsored field trips, walks in the neighborhood, visits to local stores and businesses, playing and swimming at the beach, extracurricular activities sponsored by Chiaravalle, and other activities that may require travel. These trips may involve chartered transportation.
  • We agree to maintain health insurance coverage for our child that will provide coverage for any accidental injuries he or she may suffer.
  • We hereby irrevocably consent to and authorize the use and reproduction by Chiaravalle, without prior review of the final product or additional consideration, of any photographs, films, videotapes and other facsimiles of the student, taken during academic and extracurricular activities, in Chiaravalle brochures, website, newsletters, magazines, slide presentations, films, videotapes, social media and other publications concerning and/or promoting Chiaravalle.
  • The student is enrolled for sessions chosen upon enrollment; therefore we understand that we shall not be relieved of our obligation to make all payments herein agreed to and that no reduction or allowance from any payment shall be made by any reason of absence, illness, or withdrawal of the student. We agree to pay any collection agency charges and attorneys’ fees incurred by Chiaravalle in collecting any past due payments under this contract.

Payment of Tuition

  • We understand that tuition is prepaid through FACTS. The cost of Summer programs is applied to the tuition payment plan you have established.
    • Students requesting priority registration for Core and After Care by December 22, 2022 will have payments posted to FACTS by December 31, 2022.
    • Students with monthly payment plans will have equal amounts applied to each month through April tuition.
    • Students with one- or two-time payment plans will have tuition posted as a one-time expense payable within 3-weeks of registration.
    • Late enrollees (after April 12, 2023) will have the balance of tuition due on April 30, 2022, or within 48 hours and processed within 10 days as a single sum upon registration.


  • During open registration from December 15, 2022 to April 12, 2023, students may withdraw without financial penalty. Any prepaid tuition will be credited to the student’s FACTS account.
  • After open registration, from April 12 through May 31, 2023, Chiaravalle will retain 50% of tuition, until an appropriate replacement (as determined by the school) is enrolled.
  • If a withdrawal is submitted after May 31, Chiaravalle will not be obliged to seek a replacement and the family will be responsible for the entire tuition balance.
  • If a child withdraws from Chiaravalle at any time at the School’s request, the family will be released from obligation to make future scheduled payments.
  • If a student withdraws and moves residence 25 miles or more from Chiaravalle, the family will be released from the obligation to make future scheduled payments. The family must provide proof of student’s new address.
  • We agree to pay all FACTS related fees for any returned or late charges.
  • Chiaravalle reserves the right to refund any prepaid tuition without any further obligation or liability in the unlikely event that circumstances beyond the control of Chiaravalle force it to cancel or reduce the size of the program for which the student is enrolled under this contract; Chiaravalle will notify all affected families by April 1, 2023 if program is cancelled due to low enrollment.

Release and Waiver of Claims

  • We agree to release Chiaravalle and its directors, officers, employees and agents from all claims, causes of action, damages, liabilities, and losses arising out of or resulting from the student’s participation in Chiaravalle programs, to the extent permitted by law, except for acts or omissions involving willful or wanton conduct by a director, officer, employee or agent of Chiaravalle.
  • Chiaravalle reserves the right at all times and in its sole discretion to dismiss the student for any reason, including but not limited to, non-payment of tuition or deny the student re-enrollment in Chiaravalle.
  • We understand that the duties and obligations of Chiaravalle under this agreement may be suspended immediately without notice during all periods that Chiaravalle is closed or any portion thereof or any program are suspended because of force majeure events including, but not limited to fire, storm, tornado, flood, utility outage, epidemic, pandemic, governmental action,terrorism, war, or any other event beyond Chiaravalle’s control. If such an event occurs, Chiaravalle’s duties and obligations in this agreement may be suspended or postponed until such time as Chiaravalle, in its sole discretion, determines that it may safely re-open or resume operations or the program or programs affected. We further acknowledge and agree that the sole remedy for a force majeure event is future service delivery, if and when practicable, and that our obligations under this agreement will continue. Except to the extent, if any, approved by Chiaravalle’s Board of Trustees, no portion of any amounts paid will be refunded, and the obligation to pay additional amounts owned under this agreement will not be reduced, if Chiaravalle is closed or it's operations or any portion thereof or any program are suspended or modified, including but not the provision of classes, instruction, and/or other services through a remote learning environment, to the extent that such closing, suspension or modification is due to a force majeure event.
  • We understand that, in the unlikely event that circumstances other than a force majeure event result in Chiaravalle canceling or reducing the size of the program for which the student is enrolled under this agreement, the student’s enrollment may be cancelled and any prepaid amounts refunded without any further obligation or liability on the part of Chiaravalle.

We have read and understand, accept and agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions set forth in these terms.