Your child is an individual.

Chiaravalle is a place where individuals are respected. As Montessori educators, we believe that when children are allowed to explore what interests them, their concentration is greater and, as a result, their mastery of skills and concepts is reinforced. That’s why we offer individualized instruction and encourage student-initiated learning.

Your child lives, plays, and will eventually work with others.

Chiaravalle is a place where individuals learn and practice their responsibilities as members of a diverse community. We believe that learning respect and empathy for others is as important as learning how to advocate and care for yourself. That’s why we focus on social and emotional growth as well as academic learning.

Chiaravalle offers an educational journey that may begin as early as infancy and conclude with preparation for high school. As students make that journey in preparation for life, our nurturing yet challenging environment helps children gain greater independence and self-confidence while developing higher-order cognitive skills.

As Head of School and Educational Director, we coordinate student learning across program levels so that children experience the curriculum as a continuous spiral of connected concepts and skills becoming more complex and challenging as students progress through the various developmental stages. We serve as an important link among students, parents, teachers, and the curriculum. We spend time in classrooms every day, getting to know students and supporting teachers. We love learning. We look forward to learning more about you and your child.


Robyn McCloud-Springer, Head of School
Clare Heath, Educational Director