Long-term Substitute, Assistant Teacher position (Early Childhood maternity leave)

We are currently seeking a qualified Long-term Substitute to work as an Assistant Teacher in our Early Childhood department to cover a maternity leave. The position will be paid based on our Substitute Teacher pay scale. The days/hours of the position are: Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 3:30pm. The anticipated start date is early February 2019.

Responsibilities and Duties

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Support the Head Teacher's implementation of the Chiaravalle curriculum consistent with the Montessori Method and principles. Include best practices based on current research in child development and education, which are appropriate to the learning objectives for the age group.
  • Under the direction of the Head Teacher, support the individualized/differentiated learning plan in order to meet the cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual growth of each child in your class. Assist the Head Teacher in implementing strategies and accommodations to support student learning. Partner with the Head Teacher to provide students with timely, clear and constructive feedback.
  • Establish meaningful, respectful relationships with each child working toward the goal of independence.
  • When applicable, assist the Head Teacher in providing opportunities for children to connect with the outdoors through the use of the playground and field space, as well as local gardens, parks or habitats.
  • Report to the Head Teacher any concerns relative to any child's learning style, which may require support from Learning Resources. Support the Head Teacher's efforts to implement learning resource's guidelines for observation, recommendation and intervention.
  • Exhibit enthusiasm and continue to develop your knowledge of the curriculum and age group.
  • Assist in creating and participating in cross-program opportunities for students to facilitate transitional knowledge and enhance faculty awareness.
  • Under the direction of the Head Teacher, support the implementation of age appropriate discipline in the classroom, common areas and during transitions that is consistent with school policy and enables children to develop internal self-control and responsibility for their actions.
  • Work with all faculty and staff to ensure the safety of all Chiaravalle students and to guide students in acting responsibly in the school and on the grounds.
  • Protect the privacy and working atmosphere of student groups at all times.

Qualifications and Skills

Qualifications Include:

  • A Bachelor's degree is required. A Bachelor's degree in education is preferred.
  • At least two years in a teaching support role or other relevant experience.
  • Montessori experience or certification is a plus.
  • First Aid and CPR training is preferred.
  • Must have basic skills in class management.
  • Excellent observation, interpersonal, active listening, verbal and written communication, organizational, and prioritization skills are essential.

Interested applicants can submit cover letters and resumes to hr@chiaravalle.org with SUBJECT HEADER - MATERNITY LEAVE.