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From 16 Months to 8th Grade

Overhead view of Chiaravalle Montessori in neighborhood

PAC Affinity Group

Since 2018, the Pan-African and Caribbean (PAC) Affinity Group has been open to everyone at Chiaravalle of African birth or descent and families with spouses or children that identify with the Pan-African or Caribbean experience, including bi-racial and multi-racial families. 

In addition providing a space for listening, highlighting, and empowering black and brown voices within our community, PAC families gather socially and for service multiple times each year. The group's intent is not to exclude but to provide a safe place to share and celebrate our unique experiences.

Each January, PAC families participate in the Community House of Winnetka’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service volunteer event. At the event, families create beaded bracelets for women and children in domestic shelters, valentines for veterans, banners and no-sew blankets for the homeless and refugees, scarves and pet toys.

In February, PAC members work with Toddler and Early Childhood students to make Black History Month-themed Valentines for seniors. Last year, Chiaravalle students created 200 Valentines for seniors and special cards for support staff at two local residential facilities, Primm Towers and Jacob Blake Manor, that provide affordable housing for elderly Evanstonians. Chiaravalle students created 200 valentines for seniors and special cards for support staff, captured partly in the collage above. 


PAC Valentines for Seniors