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From 16 Months to 8th Grade

CulturalFest 2019 students in traditional dress

CFA Cultural Fest & Potluck


CFA Cultural Fest Sun, Feb 4, 2024 BANNER

For years, the Chiaravalle community has come together to share and enjoy each other’s rich cultural heritage through art, crafts, music, and fabulous food at the CFA Annual Cultural Fest & Potluck.

This year, we plan to gather again for kid-friendly, cultural entertainment, a youth parade of traditional attire, and the delicious food that our community has brought to share. While at Cultural Fest, we encourage everyone to explore the many shared artifacts curated by Chiaravalle families, talk with one another about heritage, and enjoy the fun crafts and activities.

It's not community without ”u“ in it! CFA event organizers need a lot of help to make the afternoon happen. No matter how you choose to participate — attending, joining the multicultural presentation, or bringing a dish to share — everyone in the Chiaravalle community is welcome to come and enjoy the afternoon!

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What is the CFA Cultural Fest & Potluck?

Get a glimpse of what this beloved tradition is all about in this event review from a few years ago.

Cultural Fest Africa display

Cultural display example

Families create a display to share traditional clothing, toys, instruments, art, or another aspect to highlight.