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From 16 Months to 8th Grade

Chiaravalle Connections Book

The Chiaravalle Connections book is a compilation of creative pages for each Toddler and Early Childhood homeroom — one page dedicated to each child. The CFA will print a physical book for each student to take home before the holidays. The kids and their families LOVE these books and will look back at them for years. The Connections Book is also a great way for the adults in our community to get to know the other kids and families in the class when we read the book over and over again with our kids!


Create an 8.5 x 11 page, either digitally or on a standard sheet of paper, scanned as a PDF. Please be sure to use your child’s name and classroom as the file name! (Alternatively, if you are more of a paper person, you can turn in the hard copy to Bessy at the front desk and we will scan it for you. Please write child’s name/classroom number on the back of any paper copies you turn in.)

Orient the page vertically because the book will be assembled portrait-style, like a magazine.

Design your page however you like, but be sure to include your child's name and picture on the page. Working with your child, or your child’s own independent design, the page you submit might tell us about your family, your child’s favorite games and activities, special pets, cherished family traditions or favorite vacation spots. The page may be a collage of some favorite photos. Or, consider “interviewing” your child to share their favorite foods, games, songs, or favorite classroom work.

Check that your PDF is no larger than 10MB. (If you are struggling with this, turn in the paper copy for us to scan.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Victoria Kluss at

Submit by DATE: October 23, 2023


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