2021-22 Back to School


All School Phase-inn 

Each year we plan a phase-in for our youngest learners to practice gradual separation and a new routine. To reinforce safety protocols, particularly for new and transitioning students, we will use the short week of Aug 25-Aug 27 as an abbreviated phase-in for ALL PROGRAMS.

We understand that this may be challenging for some families, and please know we would not be asking for this time if it were not essential for our program running safely, smoothly and joyfully.

Arrival & Dismissal schedule beginning Mon, Aug 30 

To make it most efficient for our community and easy for families, your entire family can plan to arrive at school in the same time frame. To determine your family’s assigned time, please refer to the time frame listed below for your oldest child. Younger students will be walked by their older siblings to their homeroom where a teacher will welcome them for the day.

Program Specific Info

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