Everyone knows those amazing kids

You know, the kids who are academically accomplished AND empathetic, thoughtful people. The kids who seem poised and confident beyond their age. The kids who find the world endlessly interesting. The ones who have a passion for learning or helping others or are willing to be uniquely themselves. The kids who ask "why" and not only explore possible answers, but also ask "why not?"

Experience modern Montessori

Montessori schools can vary in culture and in quality. You want to find a school that honors the philosophy of Maria Montessori and prepares kids to tackle 21st century challenges.

Imagine your amazing kid as a young adult. What skills will he or she need to be successful in college, in his or her chosen profession and in life?

  • Planning and problem-solving
  • Agility and adaptability
  • Concentration and collaboration
  • Responsibility and self-regulation
  • Initiative and innovation

Chiaravalle Montessori is a place that offers a challenging and nurturing environment for children 16 months through 8th grade to learn and grow. Children thrive when given the chance to be independent, be a valued member of a community, and develop long-term relationships with the teachers who guide them over a three-year-cycle.

Offering integrated learning. Fostering innovation. Cultivating compassion.

That's modern Montessori

Find modern Montessori right here in Evanston at Chiaravalle Montessori. You can experience the secrets behind those amazing kids firsthand. Consider Chiaravalle as your Montessori school of choice. Take the next step. Take a virtual tour or schedule a virtual visit. Learn more. We believe you'll be glad you did.


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