The North Wing

Where the Environment Frees Student Potential

Between June 2014 and September 2015, Chiaravalle Montessori replaced an aging annex with larger, flexible space called the North Wing, an ideal stage for hands-on, integrated studies and innovation. With the North Wing, Chiaravalle has achieved two historic firsts: the first LEED Platinum certified Montessori school addition in the U.S. and the first LEED Platinum private school addition in Illinois. The North Wing has also been a focal point for our recognition as a 2017 U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School. Building to LEED Platinum set our aspirations high; attaining Green Ribbon status shows how we live those values.

Together we imagined a new space where Chiaravalle could gather, share, and explore as a learning community, resulting in a new architecture that manifests the Montessori philosophy. The new 3-story wing expands the existing programming bringing students together in a 21st century learning environment, offering flexible space for movement, collaborative learning, performing arts and more.
— Stuart Brodsky, CannonDesign

Explore the North Wing

DaVinci Studio

A specialty room where STEM becomes STEAM; the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and math integrate art and design. Students dig into big projects like robotics, pulleys, photosynthesis, fish rubbing, pendulum painting, 3D printing and more.

The Hub

The Hub is an exceptionally agile space that can be reconfigured for many activities adjacent to the Gathering stairs, the performing arts stage, and the music and movement room.

Designed to immerse students in cultural and language learning through tools and technology for students to pursue foreign studies. A growing collection of cultural artifacts will bridge a young child's connection to faraway places and spark the imagination of older students connect with other schools across the world.

The centrally-located new library is easily accessible to Early Childhood classrooms. A reflection room off the library is a quiet space for small group research and projects.

The new Performing Arts space features a large stage, seating for more than 200 and a folding wall that turns the stage into a Drama Studio. Consultants from the Chicago Shakespeare Theater advised Chiaravalle on various technical aspects of the theater.

The Gym is double the size of the old one, featuring a dividing curtain for multiple class use and making open gym times possible so students can move when they need.

North Wing in the News

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Chiaravalle Montessori: Progressive in Education, Progressive in Design

By Matt Baker