Remote Learning

As much as we wanted to return to Chiaravalle's amazing learning environment, we've opted for 100% remote so that our child will experience an uninterrupted routine this Fall. There's so much uncertainty requiring many quick pivots that we didn't want "school" to heighten feelings of uncertainty for our child.

Chiaravalle's remote learning curriculum in Spring 2020 was very well executed and we're sure we'll be even more impressed with the Fall 2020 remote learning plans! It was a tough decision but once we committed we felt a sense of relief that we committed to the option that was best for our family.
— Lan, 5th grade parent

In the case of a mandated quarantine or campus closure, Chiaravalle is prepared to move into Remote Learning. We are adapting our emergency remote learning program to:

  • reflect parent and faculty feedback in the context of Montessori principles and best practices in distance learning 
  • incorporate the Learning Library for Toddler through Upper Elementary
  • utilize Google Classroom as a Learning Management System for Early Childhood through Middle School
  • switch to Zoom as a more flexible platform for virtual class meetings, instruction and peer to peer group work  

Additionally, Chiaravalle is offering an all Remote Learning program for Elementary and Middle School students through January. We are committed to providing a robust remote learning experience using the principles listed above to establish a community of remote learners.