Tracking Area Metrics

If the State of IL or Cook County Section 10 step back to Phase 3 of Governor Pritzker’s Reopening Plan, our school will move to remote learning. Chiaravalle and the Medical Advisors on our Health and Safety Team are closely monitoring regulatory guidelines and tracking a variety of public health metrics such as the infection rates in Evanston, Chicago, Cook County Section 10 and within our own Chiaravalle community. While there is not a sole metric or threshold that will inform our decision to close, we are prepared to close preemptively ahead of Pritzker's plan, if our collective team of medical advisors and administrators and/or other local authority deems that necessary based on the robust data they will be monitoring.

Chiaravalle Community Population

Source: Veracross, the Chiaravalle school information system. Figures include all parents, students, faculty and staff. The Illinois Regional COVID-19 Resurgence Plan divided the Chicagoland region into smaller public health regions to facilitate a more tailored emergency response. In the graph above IDPH 10 (Cook w/o Evanston) does not include Evanston residents.


Chiaravalle Metrics

This dashboard is designed to track the potential risk of COVID within or adjacent to the Chiaravalle community to inform a potential need to move the full school to Remote Learning. It does not track individual homerooms or pods, which may need to move to Remote Learning when impacted by individual circumstances within the cohort.

Please note that the numbers available on our COVID-19 dashboard include individuals who are part of the Chiaravalle community as students, faculty and staff regardless of the place they live.

Chiaravalle is guided by national, state, and local guidelines for risk of introduction and transmission of COVID-19 in schools. Risk status indicated below applies to the whole school; individual homerooms/pods may need to move to remote learning when impacted by individual circumstances.


City of Evanston

City of Chicago

Additional Regional Information

Illinois Department of Public Health Regional COVID-19 Resurgence Criteria

Chicago: Region 11
Evanston & Suburban Cook County: Region 10
Lake & McHenry: Region 9