Board of Trustees

2022-23 Board of Trustees

Sara O'Mara, President
George DeMet, Vice President
Todd Paul, Treasurer
Renee Ruffing, Secretary
Becca Groothuis, Past President
Liz al-Dajani
Kandi Corbbins
Kaitlin Fahey
Amy Kontrick
Margaret Lo
Cheryl McIntosh-Lombardo
Brenda Mizel
Michael Nabors
Natalya Sanghvi
Suzanne Shumaker
Rebecca Silton
Melanie Wright
Robyn McCloud-Springer, Head of School

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Chiaravalle is a not-for-profit educational institution governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board's responsibilities are fiduciary and strategic as it plans, develops and establishes policy and regularly assesses the performance of the school. With the guidance of the Head, the Board develops the strategic plan and goals for the future. The Board also takes a leadership role in fundraising and ensures the financial stability of the school. The Board entrusts all the daily operations of the school to the Head of School, who supervises and evaluates all programs and personnel.

In accordance with the school's Bylaws, the Board will be comprised of no fewer than twelve and no more than seventeen Trustees serving a minimum 3-year-term. Our Board seeks a diverse group of talented individuals who are prepared to volunteer sufficient time to learn about the school and trusteeship, and who arrive prepared to Board and committee meetings to consider and act upon issues that support the school's strategic plan. Please contact the President of the Board or a committee chair if you are interested in learning more about the work of the Board of Trustees or its committees.

Annual Impact Reports

Annual Impact Report
Annual Impact Report
Annual Impact Report