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Chiaravalle fosters a warm, inclusive community where families of all different backgrounds and structures will feel welcome. Parents have ample opportunity through volunteer work and school events to get to know other families, to learn more about what’s happening at Chiaravalle, and to become involved. Each child is well-known and celebrated by students and teachers in and beyond the classroom. School becomes a second family where children feel supported, cared for, and appreciated for who they are.

In the classroom, teachers model respect for different points of view and ideas, and encourage students to speak up and contribute to discussions with their own opinions, observations and life experiences. Children are taught to take personal responsibility for the atmosphere they help create, and to work constructively toward solutions when there are conflicts, creating a culture of respect and a safe place for personal growth. Multi-cultural materials and curricula, even for the youngest ages, spark curiosity and new interests, and demonstrate that there are different religions, customs, music, resources, and cultures around the globe, helping our students to become citizens of the world.


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