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From 16 Months to 8th Grade


Middle School students lead the Chiaravalle Community Meeting

Dear Families,

There is no other school quite like Chiaravalle Montessori. For nearly 60 years, Chiaravalle has been a home away from home for our students, faculty, and families. This is a school where students are known and respected as individuals while being challenged and supported in their growth. We are a school community committed to life-long learners and positively impacting the world — one child at a time.

At Chiaravalle, we teach the way your child learns: personalized learning at their own pace through hands-on exploration, guided practice, integrated projects, peer-mentoring and collaboration. When the way we teach and learn is combined with the ability to nurture students socially, emotionally and spiritually, this is truly a unique environment. Chiaravalle fosters independence and creativity while developing a child’s intrinsic motivation and sense of responsibility. We cultivate compassionate achievers who love to learn.

We invite you to explore the culture, academic experience, daily life and values of our school. It is impossible to convey the magnitude of the joyful, “a-ha” moments, and growth we witness each and every day at Chiaravalle without seeing it in action. I hope you’ll visit soon! This is when you’ll really feel the excitement and understand the profound impact that Chiaravalle Montessori has on its students and families.

We look forward to meeting you!

Warmest regards,

Robyn McCloud-Springer, Head of School


Robyn McCloud-Springer
Head of School


Our modern Montessori approach pairs traditional Montessori philosophy, practice, and materials with the power of progress, which allows for the incorporation of insights from educational research and neuroscience, an anti-bias curriculum, and embraces integrated arts and sciences. 
— Robyn McCloud-Springer, Head of School