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Fund for Chiaravalle 2015-2016

Chiaravalle is enormously grateful to the families and friends who made a gift to the Fund for Chiaravalle. Their outstanding generosity allows us to meet every student’s needs and ensure they stretch to the top of their abilities and become creative, compassionate achievers who are lifelong learners.

We’re also very appreciative to those who contribute time and talent by volunteering at the school. This involvement is part of what makes us who we are, a caring community where every member is valued and cherished.

We are thankful to those who have consistently supported Chiaravalle year after year.

*5+ Years Consecutive Giving

**10+ Years Consecutive Giving

Pacesetter — $10,000 & above
Marc and Skyler Ewing
Jill and David Greer**
John Mancini and Lucinda Fox**
Charles Mangum and Rachel Story*

Leader — $5,000 to $9,999
Becca and Derek Groothuis
Jenn and Scott Gwilliam**
Matthew Johnson and Amanda Williamson*
Victoria and Phil Kluss
Jacob and Shondi Nickell*
Art Thompson and Sarah Eck Thompson*

Sustainer — $2,500 to $4,999
Maria and Matthew Alberico
Tilden Katz and Kathy Baker**
George DeMet and Tiffany Farriss
John and Jennifer Finlayson-Fife
Todd Furney and Mariana Romano*
Matthew and Annie Harris*
Mike Muriel and Donna Richards Muriel
Angela and Michael Quattrocki
Bill Schick and Julie Bond
Sarah Schmidt*
Frank and Amy Tu*
Jennifer Sobiesk and Colin Wexler
Edwin Wu and Schnabel Samson

Benefactor — $1,000 to $2,999
The Barnett Family
Mary Kay Halston and Scott Barton**
Jeff and Kim Bell
Joe Brennan and Leslie Shad**
Bruce Caughran and Octavia Kincaid
Kevin Connelley and Toni DiDonato
Matthew and Margret Duvall*
Richard and Susan Gallun**
Xiao Guo and Dan Hao*
Jack and Ruth Harris
Paul Hart and Stephanie Nash Hart
Al Hennagir and Jen Frost Hennagir*
Dan Hinkle and Lauren Myers-Hinkle*
The Holmes-Anderson Family*
Meg and David Lanz
Michelle and Shane Larson
Joe and Kay Madden
Bryan Mills and Alexis Kuncel
Jim and Sheila O'Neill*
Jennifer and Todd Paul
Steve Reed and Jessica Campbell*
Sue and Adam Sabow
Chad and Tonia Salsbery*
Karl and Kathleen Scheidt
Chris Schmidt and Erin Rowell Schmidt*
Alex and Nicole Schneider*
Nancy Syburg**
Jes and Leesa Sherborne*
Garry and Suzanne Shumaker
Tom Springer and Robyn McCloud-Springer* in memory of Karen Thompson
Karen Witkin and Sean Swidler
Denis and Olga Vaskova
Randy and Emily Wexler

Patron — $500 to $999
Robert and Shellie Argeanton
Julie Chenevert and Chris Brandt*
Ronald and Debi Buzil**
Kashif and Kiran Devani
Alex and Siobhan Donati**
Peter and Gabi Edgerton
Katie and Aaron Fink
Craig and Jenny Forsman
Kristi Piccolo and Rob Hansen*
Sean and Heather Harper
Charles Adler and Lucy Jeong-Adler
Jason Kaye
Kyle MacArthur and Allison Maguire
Maura Shea and Jim Mavros
Geoff and Tess McGrath
Erik and Tait Medina
The Nelson Family*
Jide and Uzo Nzelibe
Priyan Patkar and Aparna Bhaskaran
Allen Rein and Ann Hudson*
Robert and Melissa Rooth
Beth Caldwell and Mario Santiago**
Doug and Meghanne Sennott
DJ and Becky Silton
Evan and Jen Terry
Michael and Gretchen Wooldridge*
Scott and Sarah Zematis*

Sponsor - up to $499
Dorothy Schmid and John Agnew**
Amjad and Liz Al-Dajani
Mahesh Alur and Lorie Dillon
Roberto and Rosana Amato
Erik Andersen and Robyn Tanny
Ellen Badofsky
Bernard Bartilad and Michael Herman
Dave and Cathy Beck
Ellen Bouleanu*
Tony Breitbach and Katie Michalski
Richard and Caroline Bullock
Mary Beth Burns*
Martin Cabrera and Kim Steffen
Isaias and Yue Chen Cairampoma
Patrick and Carrie Charles*
Daniel and Catherine Cho
JoAnn and Patrick Chowaniec
Neil and Patricia Clark
Todd Clark and Geeta Maker-Clark
Nadrienna Damaris
Vic Filippini and Marlo Del Percio
Remy Dercksen and Suzy Avril*
Megan and James Dobbs
Lilly Draganic
Clare Heath and Joel Emerick*
Frankie Ersfeld
Julie Feldman
Jean Fera
Seth Green and Caitlin Fitz
Andre and Teresa Fortunska
Joseph Franchere and M. Alison Eisendrath
Kyr and Kris Gaganidze
Elise Geiger
Alexi and Tom Gniot
The Granros Azeredo Family
Zahlman and Susan Greenwood*
Gillian Muller-Greyz and Leo Greyz
Alec Gross
Michael Grynberg and Kelly Baldrate
Iva Hadzalic
Robert and Sheila Hanford
Jeffrey Hansen and Julie Matija
Karen Hansen
Bryn Wagner Hanson and David Hanson
Jeanne Hay*
Libby Hoff
Cindy Hogan**
Ryan and Megan Hunt
Brad and Jennifer Ilko
Erin Iverson
Paul and Karrie Jeffris**
Chris Jobson and Megan Stielstra
N. Joel and Margaret Johnson
Marc and Tiffany Jorgensen
John and Betty Kay in memory of Juan Zuniga
Amy Kaye
Carolyn Keats
Adam Krakow and Aurora McManus
Justin and Lizzy Kreindler*
Janice LacKey
Karen Laner**
Mary Levato*
Sarah and Brian Marshall
Eddie and Bonnie Maslana** in Honor of All Employees
Kitty McAndrews
John McHugh and Emily Benfer
Art and Yulia Melikyan
Sabahete Metovic
Leona Mirza
Jose Muenala and Suzanne Reed
Stella Munevar
Orrin and Tiffany Murray
Mark and Nancy Myers*
Michael Nabors and Sydni Craig
Minya and Martin Nance
Tresa and Avi Neurohr
Evan and Elizabeth Newton
Robert and Kathy Noone**
Caitlin Hibdon
Kirstin Nordhaus
Sara O'Mara and John Greene
Jamie Olah
Constantine and Genevieve Pappas
Charudatta Phatak and Begum Gulsoy Phatak
Chris and Cory Pickett
Jane and Tom Pilsbury
Brian Prendergast and Becca Kotler
Kristine Schutz and Justin Pusczykowski
William and Lynn Raspe*
Ari Reinfeld and Sara Jacobson
Tara Richardson
Michael and Laura Romisher
The Rosenthal Family
Jacob and Sarah Roth
Renee Ruffing and Jennifer Ruehl
Peter and Dawn Samaris
Rob Sanford
Regina Sant'Anna and Doug Skites
Jeff and Beth Scales
Bess Schenkier
John Sherborne
Evelyn Siegel in memory of dear friend and founding co-board member of Chiaravalle Montessori School, Mary C. Levitan
Jessica Fayerman and Matthew Sloan
Lawrence Smith and Rachel Duda Smith
Theresa Sparlin*
Tracey Steffora
Jonathan and Jennifer Stern
Suzanne and Henry Stolar
Dan Stolar and Lauren Cathcart
Donna and Kuan Su*
Robyn and Dan Sullivan
Matt and Farah Swaim
Andrew and Angie Taggart
Rachel Teuer
Dick and Trish Thomas
Aren and Katie Voorhees
Keith Wakefield
Barbara Jenkins
Andre Walker and Francesca Tappi
Liz Watson
Alex Weiner and Dori Rubin
Grandma & Papa (Douglas & Johanna Welter) to Anna Toth
Melanie and Tom Wendt
Molly Williams
Emily Withrow and Joshua Kellar
Diane and Edgar Wolff-Klammer*
Paul and Melanie Wright*
Chae Yi and Amalia Malos
Harry and Michele Zander

Companies & Employers
AbbVie, Inc
Bulley & Andrews, LLC
Katten Muchin Rosenman Foundation, Inc.
MB Financial

Diversity Endowment
Kathy Baker and Tilden Katz* in memory of Kiki McConico
Chiaravalle Montessori in memory of Kiki McConico and Juan Zuniga
Jennifer and Douglas Jeffris in memory of James Caldwell
Matthew Johnson and Amanda Williamson*
Marti Lannert** in honor of the Business Office
Bonnie and Ed Maslana** in memory of Robert Syburg, Juan Zuniga, and Kiki McConico and Taylor
Sarah McCarthy in memory of James Caldwell
Karen Laner in memory of Kiki McConicio and Juan Zuniga
Robyn McCloud-Springer * in honor of the Wonderful Team on the 4th Floor
Ann Hudson and Allen Rein*
Yolanda Vanderlaan and Robert Sorensen in memory of James Caldwell
Nancy Syburg** in honor of Chiaravalle employees

The Joel S. and Evelyn M. Siegel Endowment
Evelyn M. Siegel



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